Architecture of the Training Course

The training course is based on the education plan for the "regulation of basic vocational training for IT practitioners"(Federal Vocational Certificate) and "IT specialists"(Federal Vocational Education and Training) in the SUPPORT and APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT disciplines.

The training takes two or four years and is guided by the dual training principle, i.e. practical and theoretical training run on a parallel track and as a result make it possible to be able to integrate the theoretical and practical knowledge attained in an optimal way.

First, the practice related job training takes place in a protected space, i.e. on the foundation's premises; second, the practical skills acquired during the practical training are enhanced and furthered at suitable private sector companies. The training activities are professionally and personally instructed and/or supervised appropriate to the individual needs and difficulties of the trainee.

The trainees visit the Technische Berufsschule Zürich (TBZ) once or twice a week“ to learn the theoretical fundamentals. The vocational training school collaborates closely with the foundation and conducts a special Federal Vocational Certificate training programme for the trainees in a class of reduced size. The Federal Vocational Education and Training trainees are trained in a regular-size class.

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