Suitability Evaluation

In the course of a trial stay of at least a week interested parties will have an opportunity to gain a personal impression of the training. The young folks who are interested will take an active part in the regular business and school day. The assessment is based, on the one hand, on observations of everyday behaviour by the specialists involved and, on the other hand, specific tests are conducted to evaluate suitability. After the trial visit, an evaluation will take place within the circle of everyone involved in the process.

Work Assistance

"Education makes the best integration - Creating opportunities for disadvantaged youth" constitutes the foundation's guiding principle. People with disabilities have a personal entitlement to work assistance. Experienced employees look after the trainees at the workplace; they facilitate, in turn, the transition to the overall jobs market and support the trainees' self-reliance and participation in society.

Individual Support Measures

Individual measures to shore up particular subnormal or functional, general or social education missed out on will be assessed on observation and recommended to the young people affected, as well as to their parents, legal representatives and vocational counsellors.

Lunchtime Supervision

Meals and school lunches are organized by the foundation. The housekeeper cooks fresh and balanced meals every day. The diet is healthy and rich in vitamins, which is just as important as exercise in the fresh air. All the trainees eat together and at the same time as the training and support team.

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