The trainees' instruction is organised and assured by the programme officers in charge. The individuals in question are experienced IT professionals with additional training in the field of apprenticeship training and/or vocational pedagogy and/or therapeutic pedagogy.

Qualified social education workers and employees with many years of experience in dealing with AS who have specific responsibilities in the areas of psychosocial facilitation, counselling and supervision are also involved in the facilitation process.

Every employee was trained and certified by Ms. Marianne Schweizer of "AUTISMUS-APPROACH" with respect to autism spectrum disorder. This training programme is implemented on an ongoing basis.

Mr Siegfried Wirtner, Business Informatics Specialist
Business and Project Leader

Mrs Anna Weiner, MA Psychology, Lic. Business Informatics
Company management, Social Skills

Mr Thomas Schärer
Company management, IT Lecturer

Mr Ruedi Wegelin
Education department manager

Mrs Nadine Kleinmann, MA Educational Science, Social Skills
Management social work dept., Social Education Worker

Mrs Ursina Morell, MA Social Work
Social Education Worker, MA Educational Science, Social Skills

Mrs Barbara Schmid
Professional integration

Mr Alejandro Lozano, BBA
Team Leader, IT instructor , MS products

Mr Jorge Windmeisser, Software Engineer
Team Leader, Vocational Trainer, Application Developer

Mr Enes Mujak
Team Leader, Vocational Trainer, Application Developer

Mr Christoph Rossel
Team Leader, Vocational Trainer, Application Developer

Mr Egil Rüefli, bachelor in Psychology
Vocational Trainer

Mr Richard Stammherr
Team Leader, Vocational Trainer, System-Engeneer

Mr Roland Wunderlin
Team Leader, Vocational Trainer , System-Engeneer

Mr Riccardo Tota
Vocational Trainer, Server and Network Infrastructure

Mr Satheesan Balasuntharam
Head Chef

Mrs Brigitte Müller

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