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Imagine a computer game where something is lurking behind every corner, which you have to decode first before you can continue. Try to imagine how it would feel when this were your everyday life: never knowing what will next be in store for you or where the next stumbling block will be. People with Asperger's syndrome (AS) have to live with this kind of constant stress. They are true survivors whom our society characterises as losers. They aren't losers, though, but rather striking, valuable people who are capable of achieving success in life when they have people around them who can see and appreciate their strengths. There are strategies, too, that increase the chances of accessing competitive employment on the open jobs market.

People with AS are completely normal folks who by chance perceive the world differently, indeed in a special and interesting way. They're often underestimated and isolated yet they try again every day to respond to a world that makes little sense to them and is often intolerant and cruel.

One attribute of Asperger's syndrome is that it expresses itself in different ways with different people. Impediments turn on the level of functionality and on the personality. This is why it's important to put the emphasis on the person and less on the dysfunction.

It takes time and a particular method in order to get to know the behaviour of a person affected: How does s/he respond to given situations and environments? How does s/he learn? How much self-reliance and which skills are present? How are instructions able to be followed or information understood and implemented? The prospective response to specific situations should be known in advance. All negative abnormalities require help in order to mitigate them. Through dialogue with potential employers we want to help to dispel apprehensions with respect to Asperger's Syndrome and create trust.

We want to make people with AS competitive on the open jobs market on the basis of their particular interests, talents and special aptitudes and in spite of their personal debilities.

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